August 30, 2012

Sea World Fun

Our visit to Sea World last week/weekend, was to use our Sea World season passes. We went 4 times this summer and have plans for the fall and Christmas at Sea World!

Abby was super excited to be here! The first day we did about 4 hours in the morning. The second day, we spent the morning at the pool and did 4 hours in the afternoon. Totally recommend the morning! It was light without lines anywhere, but it was so much hotter in the afternoon.

The first morning, we saw the show Azul. It was wonderful- diving, acrobatics, stunt men flying in the air, beautiful birds and dolphins swimming... very Cirque.

Our focus on day 2 was to finally see Shamu. We had not been in any of our visits. The best show- such a large animal to be flying in the air! The main point of the show was to use the animals to get the first 10 rows WET!

Of course, the highlight for Abby is visiting Sesame Street. She gets so excited whenever a character was found walking around. We brought Rosita and Abby Cadabby with us and she was thrilled to show them her animals. Rosita did a great job sharing her enthusiasm that Abby had a doll of her. Abby Cadabby called in sick while we were there. Sad face.

On day 1, we bought Telly. The second day, we wanted Zoe, but she was sold out in the little size, so we picked The Count. Abby loves to laugh like him- mwah ha ha! With my season pass, all items in the park are 20% off. So, her little animals are a perfect $10 souvenir.

It was so bloody hot on the second day, that Marcus and Abby stood among the masses to be sprayed by the Journey to Atlantis ride. She thought it was hilarious! She was also tall enough (43") to ride Rio Loco. It is the classic rapids ride at every amusement park. We did it twice and got drenched on it, too!

Our Sea World season passes have totally been worth it! We love going- free parking, lunch for under $20, and it can be done in a day trip. We'll enjoy them a few more times before they expire in January. I am told Sea World is open late at night in the winter and the whole park is lit in Christmas cheer. Exciting!

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The Gumpls said...

Those are some raelly great pictures of Shamu!


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