September 10, 2012

First Day of Preschool

Today was the much anticipated back to school day in our house! I was pretty excited for the quiet time, but I'm sure Abby was more excited than me! She has talked about school for weeks!

She is attending a preschool this year as opposed to an MDO program last year. It is 5 days a week (we are only doing MWF) and has more curriculum packed into the 9-2 day. 

Her teacher, Ms. Lisa, told me she did awesome today and that she was so smart. Hooray! I knew she was smart, my joy is that she was comfortable enough to interact and share what she knows.

Sweet girl, I pray you have a wonderful year, make good choices, are a good listener and a good friend. I pray you always love school and that this year you really begin to see how good God is!

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