September 09, 2012

Saturday Fun with Friends

Saturday afternoon we celebrated our friend Grayson's birthday at Kiddie Acres, a local outdoor amusement park. Grayson's Daddy and Marcus have been friends since grade school.

Aren't his curls beautiful? He was so quiet and just took everything in. I finally got a smile while he played with his new birthday drill.

Abby loved all the rides at Kiddie Acres. It has been around for years and is small and could use a coat of paint, but it is always fun! Abby rode this airplane and talked the whole time. She asks to ride an airplane ALL THE TIME! We have told her she will take an airplane to Chicago next year (our next major vacation and her first). So, I think she rode around talking about Chicago the whole time!

If happiness is measured by time spent on a carousel, this girl is very happy! She rides the one at the mall almost weekly (Sunday post-nap activity with Daddy). She loves herself a carousel.

With a little parental pushing and a little bravery, she rode her first pony. The moment she got on, she looked the the attendant and loudly said, "Yee Haw!".

 We were all decked out in our Texas Tech gear. The game was just an hour south of us, but at $65/ticket is wasn't an option. So, we cheered from the North!

We did listen to the game at the home of our friends Ryan and Amanda. We had a wonderful time with dinner, the game, and great conversation! Amanda is an amazing and super healthy cook. We had organic grass fed burgers with carrots and beets inside, homemade guacamole, quinoa and black bean salad, and for dessert, chocolate cake with beets! They made it taste like cherry! 

I love days like yesterday- cool weather, parties with friends, and good football!

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Kids Attractions said...

It is great to know that you had a family bonding like this. Let love reign to you family. Love, love , love.


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