September 07, 2012

Labor Day 2012

When you live 2 hours from Sea World and have season passes, you take every opportunity to go! So, we went on Labor Day even though we had just been there 9 days earlier. We made a day trip this time and it made for a long day, but it was a fun day! A few cool things happened this trip...

I didn't ride Rio Loco so that I could get Abby and Marcus' picture! Abby is 43" tall (which is off the charts) and therefore was tall enough to ride the rapids. She loved it and getting soaked under the waterfall was funny!

I didn't realize that at certain times of day, the Sesame Street characters all gather on stage for pictures. Abby Cadabby was sick on Labor Day, but we loved getting a picture of everyone else all together. This picture is a scrapbook keeper!

The other major event- Abby rode her first ride solo. It made Helicopter Daddy very nervous and Abby very proud. She proclaimed the dolphin ride her favorite and rode it 3 or 4 times solo.

In case you were wondering, Sea World is not crowded at all on Labor Day! We didn't wait in line more than 10 minutes for anything, got great seats at the Shamu Show and had a table easily for lunch.

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