September 16, 2012

Kyleigh's Birthday Weekend in Dallas

Instead of an 11th birthday party, Kyleigh asked for an American Girl Doll. Tiffany planned a girls' weekend with Kyleigh's friend Kate and Abby Lu and I. We drove to Dallas on Saturday morning for the big birthday adventure!

These two 10 year old girls packed more clothes individually than Tiffany, Abby and I combined! They were so excited to change clothes and all the accessories to match! Kyleigh opened her gift from us first- a big pack of eye shadow, fun bright nail polish, and a pass to go to Nordstrom's for a new pair of TOMS.

I loved having my little girl there to share in the fun- she seemed so small compared to these tween girls! 

It is safe to say that 80's fashion is back :)

I was really nervous Abby would spoil the fun or I would blow the budget at the American Girl doll store. I was certain she would want a doll and I just can't spend $100 on a doll for a 3 year old. I had my plan ready, I discussed with her why we were here numerous times before we left. She was so engrossed in playing with the little displays that she didn't even want to look at the dolls. I was so proud that she listened and didn't throw a fit wanting a doll.

I most loved all the little doll accessories- glasses, retainers, sports uniforms, wheelchairs and casts, so much more. I love that you can get a doll that matches you. How great for a little girl!

I love this picture- they wanted to be big girls so badly with their sunglasses, fashion, Starbuck's drinks... but they were walking the mall with a doll! It was such a true illustration of these tween years.

 We stayed at The Westin Galleria at the mall/doll store. They have an American Girl package where the kids are given beds for their dolls to use at the hotel. How cute are these! Kate actually brought a doll she already owned for Abby to use all weekend. She was so sweet to think of Abby and let her have Julie for the trip. The beds are folded up as chairs in the picture.  

Saturday after dolls, we did a little shopping and had dinner at the mall. Sunday morning Abby and I got up first and went to the executive lounge for breakfast. We texted Daddy this picture of Abby having Starbucks. They put apple juice in her cup and she thought it was so cool she was having coffee :)

While the girls hung out in the room, Tiffany and I pushed Abby in the stoller and walked all three levels of the mall for exercise. We stopped off in the mall playground for Abby to exercise!

We opened the mall at 11 to shop a little more, grab a quick lunch and drive home in the rain the whole way! Ugh- I love rain, but not on a road trip!

Happy Birthday Kyleigh! I love you and loved spending the weekend with you!

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