November 30, 2012

Dallas Weekend

Saturday after Thanksgiving Marcus and I drove to Dallas for the Baylor and Texas Tech football game. We won't talk about the game itself, but the weekend which was more fun anyway!

Chick-fil-A was tailgating and they gave us pom poms and footballs. It made the perfect take home gift for Abby.

We got there early and Cowboys Stadium was pretty empty! The stadium is huge, but I really liked it. It was open and lively even an hour before the game. Good concessions and easy to find restrooms!

There were 44, 186 people in attendance and we had seats next to friends from Great Hills. Isn't that crazy? Thank you God for the reminder that we will see our Great Hills friends outside of church. It was super sunny where we sat, so Britney and I used our Raider Red masks as visors.

I love college bands- they make live college football so much fun! The Goin' Band from Raiderland did a great job!

After the game we walked to the hotel, checked into our room, and then had dinner at a Dallas-area favorite, Red Hot and Blue. Their smoked sausage and potato salad are the best!

Sunday morning we had breakfast with our cousins Jason and Courtney and met their new baby boy, Callum. Look how sweet he is- those big lips! I loved holding him and seeing our friends/cousins in their new role as parents.

Since we were coming back the Sunday after Thanksgiving, we took an alternate route home to avoid the traffic. It took longer than IH35 with no traffic, but was stress free! We took Hwy 67 to 220 to 281 to 183 and it took us through Glen Rose, a fun little town we had never visited before.

We stopped and had lunch at The Riverhouse Grill. This was out side porch table view...

And, this was the view of my lunch on the table. The best food I have had in a long time. I ordered the house special mac and cheese with bacon and jalapenos. It was au gratin style with penne noodles and Alfredo sauce.

I also had the house salad with an orange vinaigrette that was so good, our server smuggled a to go cup of it for me. I loved the sweet of the oranges with honey on the salad.

You can see a friendly butterfly joined in on my salad!

We had a fun weekend with good food, football and family!

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