November 18, 2012

Man's Best Friend?

A dog may be man's best friend, but at least at this point, he isn't a little girls best friend :) Abby is adjusting and I know this is good for her, but it is still hard! Being an only child, she is used to getting her way, having her space, and not having to consider others. That has all changed! 

We did have fun giving him a bow tie to match his little collar. We are girls after all and accessories are part of our core! We moved to one large water bottle for both animals and that seems to be working well.

Captain likes to be around Abby because she always has little toys around her. He loves to take her stuffed animals, drag them under her bed and chew on them. She is learning to forgive and to pick up her room!

He loves his new bed I made and we are slowly learning "go to your bed" as a command so that he leaves Abby alone. He loves to chew on her pants and ends up biting her leg all too often. It doesn't help their little relationship :)

This picture sums up the cat's feelings. She knows where he is at all times and watches him closely. If he gets close, she stands firm and he often backs down.  When he barks, she can flinch and he will run. It is pretty fun to watch!

We have had a couple of quiet weeks, but this week is filled with fun! Bounce house with friends, Sea World with friends, Nana comes to visit, Thanksgiving with lots of family, a new room for Abby and watching the Red Raiders and Baylor Bears in Dallas! The blog should come alive again soon ;)

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