November 05, 2012

Hawaii: Our Last Day in Paradise

I seriously need to close out our Hawaii trip, a few weeks later. But for posterity, here is the last day of our glorious vacation!

We ate a big nice breakfast at the Hyatt before beginning to check out of the hotel. My last big serving of pineapple and yummy warm homemade Hawaiian doughnuts.

We took the long way back to our room to take a few more pictures of the resort. They have an area where you leave your leis before you leave the island in place of people who have passed away. 

Isn't this beautiful- wooden crosses at the ocean!

I love the black of the lava rocks, the greenery and the blue of the ocean!

We left the hotel and headed to lunch at the nearby Beach House restaurant. It had wonderful views and yummy food!

The rest of the day (we had a 10 PM flight) was devoted to seeing parts of the south side of the island that we hadn't seen yet including Waimea Canyon.

In the little town of Waimea, we had snow cones at our favorite little hole in the wall!

This picture with my coconut snow cone topped with coconut cream and macadamia nut ice cream is a duplicate of my snow cones there in 2008.

We also visited the Kauai Coffee company. They have samples, a movie about making coffee, and tours where you can see the beans develop into ripe beans for making coffee.

I believe you pick them when they are red... the turn brown as they are roasted for coffee.

The yellow beans are not ready yet and the brown ones are "overcooked".

Marcus loves his coffee and hugged the trees!

We had a wonderful vacation on a beautiful island with each other and a company that knows how to reward their employees beyond measure!

His company goes annually, so they is hope that we will win one of the years they go to Maui! We would love to see that island, too!

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