November 11, 2012

Our Weekend

We have spent much of our weekend at home with this little guy. Abby is excited to be home with him and we are crate training (although luckily my sister really did most of this for us!) so we didn't want to be gone much. We are all adjusting- his version of play is a little rough for Abby. Lots of tears for simple things and lots of learning about taking toys away and what growling means. 

We did leave the house on Saturday morning for our cousin Bella's birthday party. Abby was watching Signing Time and just signing away. She has always loved and learned sign language so easily. I would love to know if God will use this with her later in life. I happened to snap a picture as she finished a "word". 

Bella had an American Girl 6th birthday party on Saturday morning. Kristi (her Mom, my cousin) did a great job with the theme. She did American colors of red, white, and blue, and served foods that coordinated. She also had a cute little craft for the girls- they made American flags using small squares or red and blue paper, and they dipped marshmallows in red and blue sugar.

Isn't this real life? Everyone was watching Bella open gifts and Abby was pouting since I would not let her go upstairs and play. She loves doll houses anywhere she goes and she just knew theirs was upstairs!

Bella opened all her presents and really loved this Pooh bear. She apparently loves Winnie and has a bit of a collection! We picked up some American Girl items for her when I was in Dallas last weekend.

Happy Birthday Bella!

Today we did church, football, naps and hopefully a nice quiet dinner at home!

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