March 16, 2013

Friday Fun

On Friday, Abby and I spent the morning out and about having fun! We took Easter pictures at Picture People. My annual membership was about to expire and I had one free sheet left, so we snapped a few pictures and bought a couple of sheets.

Her Easter dress I just adore! It was an etsy find a few months ago. She is all ready for the Easter bunny in style!

As a reward for good picture taking, we rode a few rides at the food court. The carousel makes me sick so she recommended riding these instead. I just can't handle going round and round and fear her falling off while I watch in horror behind the gate!

Afterward, we had lunch at Panera. Abby loves to get a cookie from there. Big girl with her pink nails. They just age her, it makes me happy and sad. She was thrilled to have pink fingers for pictures.

If you could, would you say a little prayer for me? I have been sick for 3 weeks. 

On Thursday, the doctor told me I had an upper respiratory infection, sinus congestion, and bronchitis. I am coughing so much that I am throwing up multiple times per day. I am tired and ready to resume my normal life. Marcus just started his new job and we elected not to pay $1500 in COBRA this month, so I really want to get well to avoid spending more money out of pocket. I just can't seem to break this. I have been on antibiotics, an inhaler, and couch suppressant for 2 days and have gotten worse. Thank you.

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