March 27, 2013

School Easter Egg Hunt

First of all, check out Abby's new lunch box. I found this cute pink Bento Box on Pottery Barn Kids. It is so nice to only wash one dish after school! My sister has a Silhouette and made a little name tag for Abby's Bento box. Cuteness!

Today was Abby's class Easter egg hunt. I popped up to school and laid out the eggs while the kids had lunch and then got to capture the fun of 10 4-year olds running around! 

There were over 125 eggs for the kids!

This was the first year that Abby "got" hunting for eggs. In the past, she would want to open the first one before moving on and she would miss out on lots of eggs. This year, she got 12 of them, so right at her "share" of the eggs!

This was good practice for Friday when we host an Easter egg hunt for many of our friends. It is our second year to have the party and it is always fun! It also happens to be my birthday which means that Abby thinks I have invited over all her friends for my Easter-themed birthday party :) Ha!

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