March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend 2013

We have had a long and wonderful weekend filled with food, friends, and Jesus. On Friday morning, we hosted an Easter egg hunt for about 40 of our closest friends :) This was our second year doing it and we have so much fun. I am always trying to compensate for Abby being an only child with things like this... she can't hunt for eggs in the backyard alone! Plus, I want to give her every opportunity to spend time with her little friends.

We took a couple of pictures after the party. 

This might be my favorite picture of the whole weekend. Girl was DONE!

Here are some picture of our friends. Everyone enjoyed brunch and played outside until it was time to read the Easter story while eggs were hidden. I asked our friend and preschool teacher Heidi to read the stories. She was so kind to do it and got everyone calmed down when Abby loudly said, "when you get done with those books, put them back where you found them." Hilarious!  

On Saturday Marcus played golf at Barton Creek Resort with our friend Katy and Ike in town from LA and Ike's family. Abby and I joined them just after the 18th hole for a short visit.

On the way, we found bluebonnets and had to pull over since we were dressed up!

The view of the back porch at Barton Creek was beautiful. Ike put it best, the beauty of Austin is subtle. I love me some hill country!

Ike's nephew Jax was there and Abby was a little smitten. She cried all the way home and wanted to know when she could see Jax again. They played so well together- I think she loved him because he so kindly shared his Easter eggs with her :)

Last night I played the Easter bunny and filled Abby's sweet little basket with all kinds of goodies. As expected, she was most excited about the ring pops. Her basket also had: a new plate, flip flops, clothes, pajamas for her and her baby, a stuffed rabbit, fake green glasses, a new storybook Bible, her favorite Noah's Ark book from church, and superhero p@nties. They are the girl superheros which I loved!

This morning we attended church and had a wonderful brunch with our classmates. Plus, we had two friends visit church with us which we loved. It was really a weekend filled with friends!

 As is tradition, Abby's basket included cascarones. The joy in these confetti eggs is often shorter than the clean up time, but we love them!

These two looking all sweet after smashing each other!

I hope you too had a wonderful Easter weekend. Thanks be to Jesus who died on the cross for our sins and rose again so that we may join Him in Heaven one day. 

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