April 12, 2013

The Bee's Knees

My sweet girl had a rough Wednesday. She got up from rest time to potty and told her teacher that she couldn't walk- her knee hurt. Abby then proceeded to crawl the remainder of the day. At pick up we discussed the incident- she asked for a band aid and claimed she hurt it on Monday. Since she was fine all day Monday, Tuesday and until rest time, her teacher and I chalked it up to being tired and possible emotional about something else.

When she still wouldn't walk on it Thursday morning, we visited the doctor. She has a sprained knee... a very minor version apparently because she was walking on it by 4 PM that day. This morning before school I asked her to stop doing PE today if it started hurting her again. She told me, "I can't do all my tricks, but I can still do some without it hurting." Well, that is good to know! :)

Love when we are early to school because Abby sits in my lap and snuggles with me before the doors open. I realize the time is coming when she will not sit in my lap or snuggle so freely, so I am trying to cherish it, focus on her and give long and tight squeezes when given the chance. 

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Mimi said...

It's been a while since I have had a chance to look at the blog, so I have enjoyed looking this morning at the great pictures and funny stories. I am so thankful for the blog so that I can catch up!


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