January 06, 2013

4 Year Well Check

Abby had her 4 year well check on Friday afternoon. Every Momma will tell you, this is the dreaded appointment with lots of shots. I had heard 6... with the blending of meds now, it was just 3. But, they were a doozy. I held her arms and put my face right with hers while Marcus was at her legs. He saw the needles go in and I saw the red face and tears just seconds later! Luckily, they were quick and she recovered in under 10 minutes. 

We love the show Doc McStuffins, so Abby brough her little Doc and a couple of Doc's friends with her. Dr. Sperling was kind and allowed Abby to be the doctor and give her a couple of shots.

Marcus and Abby had fun making faces and taking pictures in the waiting room. 

We went over all of the basics and felt so fortunate Abby can do all the things required of her with the exception being she can not dress herself. We are still working on that one. But, in most areas, she can do more than the standard for a 4 year old. For example, can she recognize a circle? Uh, yea, she pointed out that our tray ceiling in the master bedroom is an octagon. Does she know her colors? Does she know her name, age and gender? She knows her name, can spell it and write it :)

We had discussed at her 3 year well check our concern over some OCD-like tendencies. We are aware of them, many of them still exist, but we manage them better. Abby likes patterns, she likes things to be finished fully, she doesn't like pieces to a set to be missing, she likes to know what is happening today, tomorrow and the next. These don't interrupt her life, so we aren't as concerned. I think that she is learning to let more things go and school is really helping with that.

We also did a hearing test- all good! Abby weighs 46 pounds which is the 95th percentile and is 42" tall which is the 90th percentile. We discussed her eating and drinking habits. She is a healthy girl!

We ended the appointment refilling her Flonase and her Epi-Pens. We still use Flonase each morning to prevent a runny nose. She has been using it for over 2 years and since it works and nothing else on the market is better for her issue, we'll keep using it. We have skipped it before and she gets a runny nose the next day. Insane! We'll have new Epi-Pens ready to go when these expire and pray we will throw them away unused. We do plan to have her blood tested again to see if her allergy has improved. Fingers crossed it has!

All in all, a great appointment. Confirmation of her health and those yucky shots over with!

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