January 01, 2013

New Years Eve

We met up with our friends James and Andrea on Monday morning and headed to Fredericksburg for more wine tasting. We had so much fun this summer, we decided to day trip it over the holidays and Monday worked out.

Andrea and James sampled 27 different wines and both found clear favorites. We bought a bottle of Marcus' favorite- Red Roan out of Burleson. It is part Cab and part Tempranillo.

They learned that Andrea likes more smokey reds and Marcus prefers a fruity lighter red. You can imagine how funny we all found that. Andrea likes the manly reds and Marcus, not so much.

They continued on their quest to find a port they like and were semi-successful. Still searching it seems!

After being home about an hour, we put on comfy clothes and spent the evening with our friend Nicole and Emmett and their friends Dana and Bill. We ate yummy snacks, had a couple of fun new drinks and played a card game- 31. It was lots of fun although we both lost our quarters. Big spenders :)

We watched the ball drop, toasted to 2013, kissed and drove home! We were both tired!

Happy New Year!

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