January 02, 2013

Birthday-Eve Sea World Trip

We had planned to spend Abby's 4th birthday at Sea World, but the weather wasn't looking great, so we went the day before and had the best weather in December! It was sunny and cool!

Our first stop is always Sesame Street's Bay of Play. Abby was thrilled that Abby Cadabby wasn't sick (what they told her last time we were there and she was out) anymore. She told everyone she saw that she was 4 years old! It was cute to see the characters try to respond to her!

We love Telly!

After saying hello to lots of Sesame Street friends, we rode rides! Nana joined us and rode the carousel with Abby. For some reason, the carousel just makes me sick!

I rode the Shamu Express with Abby and she was a little scared, but she did great. She threw such a fit as we started to ride this once this summer, they made us get off! Progress! You can barely see my green vest in the second car.

Abby rode the dolphin ride all by herself!

Before we left the SS area, we made sure to get Abby her souvenir and since it was her birthday, she got two of them! She picked Big Bird and Super Grover!

It was standing room only at the Shamu show and Shamu didn't want to perform! The trainer came out and stalled with educational facts about whales until the animals were ready. They started about 15 minutes late and did a few less tricks, but we saw flips and waves and even saw Shamu touch the red ball hanging HIGH above the water.

 We then watched the Sesame Street Christmas show and Abby went up front and stood by the stage. I got the best pictures of the characters sitting up there with her.

The drummer boys got in on the 4 action and gave her a high four after taking pictures!

This was the first time Abby did the tunnels. She just got in, acted like she owned the place and crawled right through. These are about 30 feet off the ground. Marcus' helicopters were down for fear of crawling through and then falling through!

About 5 PM, it started to cool off and the lights starting coming on! We played around in the candy cane forest and listened to carolers.

 Then, we went inside Fantasea, a walk thought area filled with Christmas characters for photo opportunities. It was so much fun and Abby loved seeing all the animals. 

This little girl should had a wonderful birthday-eve at Sea World! We just our season passes 6 or 7 times in total- I think we got our money's worth!

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