January 23, 2013

Colors and Floss

Our two favorite colors right now are red and purple. Imagine her delight when I pulled this outfit out!

We stopped by Marcus' office to say hi on the way to the dentist.

Our last cleaning was 10 months ago and she grew so much in bravery and tolerance in those 10 months. She hated the bite trays for x-rays, but did it. We had a meltdown, were promised a new toy and then said, "ok, I'll do it." It was done in 2 minutes. I'll spend $6 to get it done!

She let them clean her teeth with no problems. They flossed, looked around and she was great!

Then, the dentist came and dropped the very unexpected hammer. We should have been flossing. She has cavities, needs crowns for big cavities and even two baby root canals for deep cavities. There is so much space between her teeth, I didn't think flossing was necessary. My finger can practically fit in there... surely her toothbrush bristles do? WRONG! 

We are going to get a second opinion after speaking to her pediatrician and another couple of Mom friends. I don't want to sedate her, possibly scare her and spend that much money if these teeth will not progress anymore and likely fall out in another year. She is in no pain at all right now. 

Anyone else do this kind of dental work on baby teeth? Thoughts?

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Ms. W said...

Oh wow! That seems extreme. Especially since they are baby teeth. But, I will say, Elisan is STILL losing baby teeth, so perhaps cavity treatment fillings (not crowns! for goodness sakes)and sealants might be a good idea. A second opinion is the way to go!


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