January 19, 2013

iPhone Photo Dump

We had had lots of fun the last two weeks and I have captured most of it on my iPhone. I haven't blogged much lately because I haven't been carrying my big camera around. As I am learning manual mode, I haven't wanted to change the settings for everyday life. Then, transferring pics from the iPhone to my blog takes too many steps! Marcus is going to fix that for me this weekend- I needed to install iTunes and set up my own cloud :)

Thursday afternoon we met out friend Natalie at Chick-fil-A. Abby loves Michael, but they are on opposite school schedules so they haven't been able to play lately. Natalie had one hour between Michael getting picked up and her big kids getting home from school. It was an added bonus that she had our friend Anna with her!

Abby loved seeing Baby Caroline, who happened to be in the best mood. I think she likes us :)

I am having fun dressing Abby lately. She is wearing little girl clothes now, so there is a whole new (and sometimes scary!) world of clothing opening up! I love her little leopard leggings. And yes, there are hamsters with rabbit ears sharing glasses on her shirt!

We finally had a warm day last week, so Marcus and Abby played outside. Abby was so excited to draw me a rainbow.

We recently made the decision to take a break from swimming and take gymnastics. Abby has been swimming for 10 months and is getting tired of it. She is stuck on station 4 and in order to move up has to master moving from the wall, into a float on her back, kicking across the pool on her back and then turning properly to grab the wall. We decided to let her take gymnastics and I'll work with her in the pool this summer. She is super close to just swimming away!

 During the two weeks she was off for Christmas, we took a one day winter camp class at the gymnastics studio where our friends go, and she was so excited about it! So, we are finishing swimming this month and start gymnastics in 2 weeks.

She tried out the 4-5 year old class and they recommended we put her in 3-4 instead. The 3-4 year old class is 45 minutes as opposed to 1 hour and they move faster through stations. Abby would do a "trick" 2 times and wanted to move on!

I am loving my photography class. Last week we studied freezing and capturing time. Marcus was so kind to join in and spit water for me!

We have a fun weekend planned celebrating Marcus' Mom and my Dad's birthdays!

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