February 04, 2013

Dentist Update

Please say a little prayer for us on Tuesday morning. Abby is being put under at 7 AM for her dental work. They will be doing baby root canals, crowns and fillings. She will take Demerol and they will use laughing gas. She picked out the pink funny nose- that is the laughing gas attachment!

After getting two opinions and talking to our pediatrician, we need to do this. They deep cavities are in her molars which are teeth she will have until age 10. If we don't do this, the root could be sicker and spread to other teeth. If we just pulled the tooth, her now straight teeth would likely spread out and then the molar wouldn't have room when the real one comes in.

It all makes sense... I am just nervous for her. I know she will be scared and even in a little pain/discomfort when it is all over. We have pudding and movies on tap for the remainder of the day!

I'll keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

Thinking of Abby n give her hugs ahead of time from granpa n jaja. We r in Houston ....

Mimi said...

Glad to hear as of last night, things went well. She is so lucky to have such a good Momma and Daddy to look after her. Love you all!


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