February 18, 2013

Sweet Little Friends

One of my biggest concerns about leaving our church was Abby Lu losing her little friends. I have been so blessed with great families around us that I was scared I wouldn't find that again. I was wrong- we have made new little friends and we haven't lost our old ones!

We spent part of Saturday morning at our friend Megan's 4th birthday party. Abby and Megan were dedicated together and have spent all their time in the church nursery together. 

Megan had the cutest art party with aprons, fun crafts, and yummy food! Abby spent much of her time inside the little house on the back porch. Girl was bossing everyone around- who could come in the house, who must leave, who could eat at the table. It was exhausting!

But, she was overjoyed to see her buddy Michael at the party. They just loved the neon frosting on the cupcakes!

So thankful for parties, fun friends, and sweet families we just love!

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