February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

We had a fun week celebrating LOVE and all that mushy stuff!

Abby had a little party at school and shared Lalaloopsy valentine cards and pencils with her friends. She also brought conversation hearts with scripture on them and sugary sweet candles for her teachers. ON Thursday, she was super excited to open a package from Nana with all kinds of goodies in it!

Marcus and I exchanged little gifts- I got this awesome Duck Dynasty t-shirt. I love me some Uncle Si. Abby was super excited to get new jammies and a Rapunzel Barbie.

Wednesday night, we celebrated with dinner. Since Abby was at AWANA at church for 90 minutes, we had just enough time to eat at Brio near church.

Brio recently opened in Austin, but we always eat at the San Antonio location when we visit La Cantera. My favorite dish there is cheese ravioli in a three sauce mixture (alfredo, marinara and pesto) that is baked. It is the best! Well come to find out, that dish is from a restaurant called Bravo that Brio bought and kept pieces of their menu. Lucky for me, the manager had spent time there and knew the dish. He went into the kitchen and made it for me. It caused a ruckus among the waitstaff, but was perfect. What amazing customer service!

Thursday we ate in and shared yummy decorate sugar cookies for dessert. 

It was a wonderful week of celebration with the two people I love most!

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