February 22, 2013

Pinkalicious Party

Abby attended the cutest little pinkalicious party this weekend for her friend Michelle. The girls were told to wear all pink to the party. Abby honestly didn't have a full pink outfit in her closet. I am such a fan of so many other colors, that I had to buy her a shirt and skirt at Target!

The girls listened to the story of Pinkalicious, made bracelets, did a cupcake craft and got the cutest goody bags filled with treats! Plus, they all wore pink wings, had wands, and headband tiaras to wear.

The pinata was a big hit! The girls pulled strings instead of hitting it with a bat. Perfect for indoors and for girls! It was filled with rings, candy, erasers, and hair accessories. Such cute stuff!

The dessert table was to die for! How cute are these little treats! They were done by a local bakery.

This was Abby's plate- notice the giant marshmallow! Abby favorite- the m&m candies and Dove chocolates. She isn't my kid :)

The big cupcake was for the birthday girl....

We are so lucky to have had a party filled weekend with our friends! 

Happy Birthday Michelle!

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