February 20, 2013

Dentist Updates

I realized I never posted pictures from the big dentist trip a few weeks ago. I wanted these on the blog for posterity. Here is Abby trying out her super cool red funny nose. They dentist did such a good job introducing the funny nose that she had NO PROBLEM wearing it. Praise Jesus!

They were so sweet with her. She was wrapped in her favorite blanket (she named it Plexi) and loved on Pluto the whole time. We added an extra blanket at her feet and she watched a movie the entire time. She sat still and did great. No fighting the nurses or dentist at all. Afterward, they had to give her a lollipop to keep her from biting hard on her numb cheek. She was a rock star!

A rockstar... with a numb face! She was trying to smile for us :)

Much better! They were able to do the two crowns and two additional cavities on the left side and we will be doing the right side in the next few weeks. That side is just cavities, so it should be even easier!

Abby was home by 10 AM and watched movies all day. She drank a chocolate milkshake for lunch and ate soft foods for dinner and was back to normal the next morning.


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