March 03, 2011

16 Years Later

Marcus and I starting dating and shared our first kiss 16 years ago this past Saturday. We joked that Marcus still has a couple of shirts from before we met. I'm not even kidding. I don't know that I own any clothes from before 2005. We met September 25, 1994 and began dating February 26, 1995. I am so grateful for both of those days and the man behind them.
Mom was visiting so we celebrated with a nice dinner in the Domain and then a performance at our church by comedian/singer/songwriter Tim Hawkins. He was hilarious- we both really liked him. He is all over You Tube if you want to see some of his bits. He is most famous for the Chick-fil-A song.
I joked with Marcus on Facebook the day before that gifts were expected. He did a good job. When we were in college, on Friday nights, we would pick a random cheap item and go on a mission to find it. That was practically free fun for college students. So, we went on a mission and bought me all kinds of random things, silly things I like or even a few things we needed. We had just recently broken our small whisk for example!
I love you Mr. Jenk- thank you for filling my life with love, happiness, sillyness, and someone to share cake with.


Melissa said...

Aww! Happy Kissaversary!

MikeandCharlsie said...

Awww how fun!!!! We love Tim Hawkins!!! I am so excited b/c he will be at the homeschool conference this year!


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