March 06, 2011

Billa's Birthday Party

Our little friend Billa turned three recently and we celebrated her birthday on Saturday afternoon. Don't you just love her cheeks?
She had a Scooby Doo party and we spent most of the time playing outside with all the little people. It was such a pretty day to be outdoors! Abby got to practice being in the big girl swing. Daddy got to practice showing restraint!
While Billa was opening presents Abby started rolling a ball with one of the adults at the party. She has never met a stranger!
I think Abby has figured out that parties means yummy treats- she was so excited about having a cupcake and only ate the icing!
The oreo cake ball is another story. She ate that with the speed of a hot dog eating champion. Why is it when I introduce a new meat or vegetable to her for the first time she has such apprehension, but an oreo ball doesn't get a second glance?
Happy Birthday Billa! Thanks for having us over to celebrate with you.

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Lapiz de la Guerra said...

Thanks so much for coming, you helped make Billa's birthday that much more special! Abby was such a sweetheart. My favorite Abby moment at the party was when you guys were leaving and Marcus told her she was going to see Grampa and JaJa...I don't think I've seen a kid more animated or excited!! We'll have to get together soon for a playdate with Madeline too. Hugs to you all!


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