March 19, 2011

New Kind of Happy Hour

We went to "happy hour" on Thursday night with some friends at our favorite neighborhood restaurant/bar. We sat outside on the newly renovated patio and Abby loved visiting with new friends and running around outside. It was St. Patrick's Day and March Madness so there was a fun mix of people, families, and green beer. We stayed longer than we normally do at a restaurant with a 2 year old, so we captured Abby as the sun was setting.
We met our friend Katy and her fiancée Ike. We hadn't met Ike before, but loved him and look forward to seeing them both at their wedding this Fall. Both of them were so wonderful with Abby. She went inside the restaurant with Katy without hesitation, even waving goodbye to us. We'll work on stranger danger real soon!
Oddly enough, two of Marcus' co-workers were also in attendance, so we had a party of 4 people with kids, one with grown kids, and our family with Abby. So grateful to have an easy kid who entertained everyone and behaved!

We keep telling her good girls have all the fun!

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The Gumpls said...

that is a beautiful picture of Abby with the sunlight hitting her face!


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