March 30, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

We went to County Line on the Lake for dinner Sunday night to celebrate my 35th birthday! I am always 28 in my mind :) Abby was not happy to have someone else in the picture with her. Guess we need to start working on sharing the spotlight!
She sure doesn't mind it when she is flying!
This girl loves her "animals". These finger puppets go anywhere we will let her take them and she'll sit with her hands like this forever!
Dinner was good- I had brisket tacos- yummy! Afterward, we went down on the water for Abby to see the turtles. That green murky water scared me to death! We were holding onto Abby so tight!
Overall, we had a wonderful dinner and I'm just so very happy and grateful to be healthy, have a loving family, and the ability to enjoy time with each other!
On Tuesday, my actual birthday, Marcus let me sleep in and he had Abby wake me up with presents (a new Brighton charm of a birthday cake!) He even bought her a little something! We had lunch together and he showed up with these beautiful tulips. I really should keep fresh flowers on my desk all the time- they just make me happy! We celebrated with dinner at home and ice cream cake!
Our upcoming trip to Savannah is my real birthday present! I can't wait! We have some fun stuff planned- spa appointments, dolphin tour, church service in a historic church, Sunday lunch with Paula Deen, a private carriage ride through the historic district, and more!

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