March 24, 2011

Our New Flowers

This is Abby's cute watering can. Marcus and I had lunch one day and ran into Carter's to pick up some tees for Abby for Spring. We had discussed her needing a watering can- Marcus saw this one, thought it was cute, and added it to our pile. When we got out to the car, we saw it was $18! For a plastic watering can! Goodness- she needs to use it and love it!
On Sunday afternoon, we took Abby to Lowe's to pick out flowers to put that gold watering can to good use. She told us she wanted white, yellow, pink and purple flowers. She had to sit in the basket among the flowers. Then, they cramped her style and got a little itchy!
While I planted her new flowers (since she suddenly wanted nothing to do with them!), she helped Marcus make piles of leaves and pick them up.
She loved making piles of leaves and weeds for Marcus to pick up. I don't see how this was more appealing than planting her beloved flowers!
Here they are- our little pretties.
Everything really is more fun with a child- I love being outside with her!

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