March 28, 2011

Granpa, and JaJa and Midge

It is that time of year again- time for my Dad and Jacque to load up the RV and head north. It always happens in late March, so we celebrate my birthday and their big goodbye. Thursday, we had them over for dinner and to celebrate.

We met them at our house about 5 (leaving work a little early) to maximize our time before Abby's 7:30 bedtime. We tried to get a picture with Granpa a little late and the meltdown had begun!
Abby wanted Jacque near her most of the night- you can make friends with her real quickly if you'll push her on the backyard swing :)
Jacque's Mom, Midge, joined us. She came in a seperate car and arrived last- Abby immediately asked "Where's Midge?" when Dad and Jacque arrived. ha! Midge brought Abby a sweet teddy bear that she loved on all night.
After dinner and presents, we watched a little basketball and a little Gabba. Abby sat in her favorite TV watching chair :)
Funny story... see the band-aid on her elbow. She scraped it on the back patio at school while riding a tricycle. She loves band-aids. The other night after her bath, we put Neosporin on her elbow and then a band-aid. She was crushed when we covered her band-aid with her pajamas. Marcus ended up putting a second band-aid on her elbow outside her pajamas. She woke up at 4 AM crying which is very unlike her.... Marcus went it to check on her. She was crying because her band-aid on the outside of her jammies had fallen off.

Thanks for visiting us Grandpa, Ja-Ja and Midge! Have a great summer trip! When we see you next, we'll know all our ABCs, be potty trained, and be enrolled in dance class! Exciting changes!


Anonymous said...

We had such a great time with ya'll and Ms. Abby ! We'll follow her antics all thru the summer ! granpa, jaja n midge

The Gumpls said...

I am so glad you had some great family time during your birthday week!


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