March 18, 2012

Marcus' Whiskers

Marcus grew a beard this winter. It was part following trend, part thrilled about not shaving, and part a test to see if he could do it and what color is would be :)

Spring is here and Marcus was ready to drop the beard. Since his goatee was really grey, he decided to shave it too and hope that it comes back a little darker. Here is the last pictures with the full beard.

Then the fun began! 
 And, finally, clean shaven Marcus. He hasn't been this hairless since college. I like the goatee and he has complained about cold air on his chin all day, so it should be back in a few days.

Funny story, we did this while Abby was napping. We both thought she wouldn't notice and we were both dead wrong. She immediately saw him and looked at him oddly, then she said, "Daddy.... are you.... a different Daddy?" We died laughing! She wouldn't let him hug her until I did it first. Funny how her little mind tried to process the change!

1 comment:

Mom (Mimi) said...

does Abby like rubbing your smooth face?


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