March 09, 2012

Recent Date Nights...

Marcus and I have had date nights recently and had fun trying out new restaurants. We take Abby to church for Parent's Night Out monthly and then our local YMCA for free family Fridays monthly. It is wonderful to have child care and spend time together!

We did dinner at Blue Star Cafeteria last month for Valentine's Day. It was yummy, retro, classic food. Marcus had a meatloaf sandwich and I ate lasagna.

Marcus was excited to have chicken and stars soup for his appetizer. It was worth going back for. Oh, and the buttermilk pie was delish!

On Sunday night since my Mom was visiting, we had a date night and splurged by going downtown! We try to stay near NW Austin when Abby is in childcare in case something goes wrong.

We did dinner at Mellow Mushroom by campus. We had eaten there on vacation in South Carolina and had no idea Austin had one, too! Here is 1/2 of my ham and bell pepper calzone. So stinkin' good! The dough is almost sweet and the cheese is over-the-top gooey!

Marcus tried a funky pizza with mushrooms, pesto sauce, jalapenos, sausage and more. He liked it- it looked awful to me!

Tonight is our date night for the YMCA. Hooray for another night out with my cute husband!

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