March 16, 2012

Our First Swim Lesson at Nitro

Since soccer ended earlier this month, we took the opportunity to enroll Abby in Nitro Swim School. We have heard great things from our friends and seen the amazing little swimmers that have come out of there. As a three year old, she takes lessons without me in the pool. I wasn't thrilled about swimming every week so that was a plus.

But, I'll be honest with you, I was terrified of major melt downs, separation anxiety, and general non-compliance from Abby. I didn't even think she would wear her goggles. It is one thing to be in dance class and see me outside the room. In that setting, I can still have a chat with her about behavior and try to get things back on track. I can't jump in the pool with her and discuss things. I was ready to be humbled by kicking and screaming in this big open warehouse....

But, it didn't happen! Hallelujah! Abby introduced herself and went right into the water with her coach. She smiled and laughed the entire time, did everything they asked of her, and showed a good attitude. I have never been prouder of her. It was something totally new- she hasn't been in a pool in MONTHS and has never been here or seen these people before.

This place is pretty amazing- it is a giant warehouse with a small lesson pool for the little kids and then a big pool with lanes and hanging pennants and kids, parents and coaches all around! In the little pool where Abby is, there are 10 stations. Abby starts in station one and when she can complete the tasks lined out, she graduates to station #2 and so on. 

A big part of #1 is comfort with the water. During her 30 minute lesson, Abby leaned side to side to get her hair and ears wet, practiced blowing bubbles in the water and then practiced holding her breath. She blew bubbles successfully a couple of time (which led to high praise from Coach Lauren) and learned how to hold her breath, but never did it in the water.

They also spent some time with little toys and making water splash around and shoot out. I assume it is all part of comfort with water.

We'll be swimming every Wednesday, so I'll keep you posted and as improves and graduates!

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