March 15, 2012

Yee Haw- Austin Rodeo Time

Abby and I went to the rodeo on Tuesday with a group of our church and dance friends. We had lots of kids in our crazy group and I don't recall any major drama, meltdowns or accidents. Winning!

After the duck scare the previous day I was afraid Abby would be scared of the animals, but she did awesome! She was petting and feeding everything! They had an open baby animal area for petting and then larger animals in an area where you could feed them. They were hungry and slobbery!

We also saw the pig races. They were a treat and Abby LOVED them! She would get so excited and clap and jump up and down with the cheering crowd. We had a front row seat!

Abby's shirt says "This Ain't My First Rodeo". ha! Irony!

After the pig races, we ate lunch among the finest fair food! Abby and I shared a corn dog and a cherry limeade. It was all yummy and I'm so glad Joy invited us!

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