March 19, 2012

Our First Trip to the Dentist

Taking your 3 year old to the dentist is really all about you, the parent. If they are full of cavities, they don't know, care, or even feel shame. But, you, the Mom feel is all. Taking Abby to her first dentist appointment made me nervous- do I brush long enough? What about the couple of times we have forgotten? Did we use the "baby" toothpaste for too long? Does she eat too much candy?

She was happy and excited to be someplace new and I had built it up as so exciting for her- you get to stick your tongue out and he'll count your teeth!

She was happy and doing great until they put the "bib" on her. She didn't like it and we didn't recover. So, we did the appointment with her in my lap. It worked fine- I suppose it happens often. She loved pushing the button and making her chair go high and become a bed :)

Here is mine, I mean her, report card. No cavities. Healthy teeth. Good spacing. No real plaque. Hooray! We celebrated with chips and queso on a patio for lunch with Marcus. We gave high fives and then had ice cream. ha!


~kristi said...

Our first 2 dental appts were disasters, but now the girls love to go. It is new, and all new things are scary at 3. They put the girls in sound proof rooms until this last visit, they finally earned the right to go in the big kid's rooms.

Elizabeth Cull said...

I know how you feel, Kristi. Indeed, at age three, kids are a bit too young to leave the nest. While it's certainly something to be proud of when the first trip to the dentist is a success, most of the time, it's best to be there to comfort them while teaching them all about the importance of keeping their teeth clean and healthy.


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