July 07, 2012

4th of July Parade

This year we went to the Round Rock 4th of July parade with some friends. Marcus stayed home to welcome Mimi for lunch, so we enjoyed the parade without him. What a cute parade- a new tradition for sure!

Here is all of the kids- Blythe, David, Katie with Caroline, Michael, Connor and Abby Lu. They did a great job of sharing candy, staying behind the white line, and not complaining too much about the heat!

The Moms- Heather, Me and Natalie. I met both of these girls when we joined our church in 2003 and I can't imagine my life without them. God gave me the best friends! Heather is super sensible, always does the right thing, and never forgets to follow up on something you said in a conversation. She truly shows interest in your life. Natalie is Abby's second Mom. She is so warm and welcoming of people into her life and her home. I could tell her anything and never feel judged. 

The parade was super cute- little kids, vintage firetrucks, candy thrown from flatbed trailers, local bands and more! We just loved it. The most memorable "float" was a group a women walking with 8x10 photos glued to rulers of soldiers who gave their life for ours. The whole crowd stood and applauded them. I would have been a marching blubbering mess.

Between the parade, lunch with Mimi and fireworks with our friends, we had the best day!

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