July 29, 2012

Sweet Sleeper

Pictures of my child sleeping always make me want to wake her up and love her and squeeze her... and then I remember why she needed to go to bed :)

Abby is a serious caretaker these days. She is allowed to bring an animal with her when we leave the house and she always wants to bring a blanket, bottle and food for said animal. She wraps them in a blanket, make them a pillow with it, and feeds them. I'll hear her in the car talking to them in the most loving voice.

So, it is no surprise that she gives them the majority of her pillow, puts Mickey on the soft purple lovey, and wraps her arms around Pluto. We often catch her getting up after we have put her to bed to go get more blankets for her animals. We even had to feel around the bed one night to find her because she had given her animals the pillow and covers and she was wadded up on the far side of the bed.

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