July 27, 2012

Swimming Lessons Update

A few weeks ago Abby graduated to station 3 at swimming lessons. Up until this point, the focus has been breathing underwater and learning to float. So exciting to see her move up and really start swimming now!

This is called a glue fish. She puts both hands (glued together) above her head.

After she is in position, her teacher helps her transition into the pool, all while keeping her form.

And, then she swims!

 It was so great to see her progress, but Abby really struggled in class this week at this station. When class was over, I asked her why she was crying and she told me she didn't know how to do swimming. I think frustration is a really hard emotion for this age to manage. So, her teacher and I talked to her about learning at lessons and that she was here to teach Abby. 

We have one more month of swimming lessons and I hope to see her master this station!

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