July 26, 2012

The Great Dance Debate

You might recall back in early Spring, we moved Abby from her dance class to Little Gym and watched her have fun, show interest, and interact better than she had in 6 months of dance class. The past few weeks she has told me she wants to take dance again so when we missed gymnastics to visit the zoo last week, we chose a dance class for our make up class.

It is safe to say, dance still is not her thing. I threatened to leave more than once (even walked her out!), was embarrassed by her behavior, and held her crying for a portion of the class.

Gymnastics, on the other hand, is so much more fun for her! She does what they ask, listens well, and gets so excited when she can perform like they ask. I love giving her thumbs up through the window!

We just have a few more weeks of Little Gym left. In the fall we are trying gymnastics at the YMCA. It costs $50 less per month and has an even bigger program and gym area. 

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