July 19, 2012

Houston "Bay-cation"

Every since we returned from Sea World in May, Abby has asked if we can go on bay-cation again. So, we granted her wish and went to Houston the first part of the week. Marcus had a training on Monday in Sugar Land, so we tagged along. Of course, we had to stop for dinner at Goode's Company BBQ on the way into town. It is good stuff, people!

Monday while Marcus was working, Abby and I went to the Children's Museum. What a cool place! They had so much to do- a library, tons of little play areas, interactive stations manned by volunteers, and a giant "city" called Kidopolis inside.

This was our first stop and we came back to it twice. Using the black dials, the blue square moved, much like a pulley system. When the blue square was resting along the bottom, you could place a golf ball in it. Then, you moved the square until it hovered over a hole which made the golf ball fall out!

We also had fun playing memory on the giant board!

This table challenged you to draw a bridge over the water using small wooden sticks. A little boy figured it out while we played there.... I could not. Future engineer is he!

The next area studied motion and gravity. Abby loved rolling the balls!

We also visited the small area dedicated to the Cajun culture in Houston. Abby went fishing from the boat and we found all the ingredients in the store to make deviled crabs.

In the center area, they had tables of volunteers to interact with the kids. We colored an ice cream cone, learned about chance by rolling dice for a pair, watched beads change colors in UV lighting, and we had our face painted with a big pink heart.

Our final stop was the library where we discovered a doll house. She can find a doll house anywhere!

We shared a grilled cheese for lunch at the museum and then headed to my favorite stop in Houston, the Galleria Mall! I put Abby in the recline position in her stroller, gave her the travel DVD player and enjoyed quiet shopping with a Starbucks in hand :)

She did want to go into the Disney store, so we ran around and looked at everyone! They are finally getting Jake and the Neverland Pirates stuff. I came really close to buying the hooks from Captain Hook. 

The new Disney store at the Galleria Mall has a castle inside and all the princess stuff is in it. Very cool store! I am also so proud of Abby because she doesn't ever ask for anything in the store. We can look and play and leave without an argument. I am sure that time will come, but for now, shopping is still peaceful :)

After shopping, we met up with Marcus and had a yummy dinner at California Pizza Kitchen.

On Tuesday, we visited the Houston Zoo. More to come!

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