July 29, 2012

Marcus' Date Night

Date night is almost always my choice. I just know what I want to do or eat and Marcus' doesn't ever really care. So, I decided to make our date night on Friday about him. We had some friends tell us about a new sports bar with virtual golf and I made us a reservation.

Here is the great thing, this was my view while Marcus played golf. I could watch him and the opening ceremonies which he was not interested in!

The virtual golf was pretty cool! Marcus decided to play Pebble Beach. The screen worked much like Wii golf in that it adjusted his ball and shot based upon how fast and at what angle the cameras captured his swing. Marcus played a few holes at Pebble Beach and then played a couple of games- trying to break windows in a house, hit a moving tractor in a field, etc.

The Range had yummy food! We shared a green chile hummus appetizer, fried chicken sliders with fries, and apple beignets with cinnamon ice cream for dessert. 

While at our date, Abby spent the night playing at The Little Gym. They did free play in the gymnastics area, made gold medals for their own olympics, and after pizza, laid on the angled gymnastics mats and watched a movie. She was mad we were there early to get her!

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