December 13, 2012

Abby's 4th Birthday Party

This past weekend we celebrated Abby's 4th birthday. Her birthday isn't until just after Christmas, but we did it early to have a Christmas-themed party. It was so much fun to have many of her little friends and almost all of her family all together.

We snapped a family photo before the madness began... I don't do small parties. I hate to leave people out and my guest list gets out of control. I paired it down this year and we had 19 kids. 

Sweet girl was pretty excited about her cakes! I'll share all the decor details, craft ideas, and recipes on the craft blog soon!

In addition to making ornaments, snowglobes, and a handprint tree, a surprise guest rang the doorbell and stole the show! Abby knew he was coming and greeted our guest like a good hostess. He greeted her and all the guests with a big HO HO HO!

Contained madness ensued as kids ran to see him and parents grabbed cameras for the perfect pictures and video! It was funny to see! We gathered everyone outside and snapped a group shot with Santa. Can you see Marcus' juggling ball in the bottom corner. It works every time!

Santa was awesome! I had set up a big red chair for him and a photo backdrop. All the kids lined up and got to take a picture and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. We got so many cute photos of these little kids (all age 7 and under!)!

He also read them a story and led them in singing favorite Christmas songs. My very first memory is of my 4th birthday party, so I sincerely hope Abby never forgets when Santa came to her house for her birthday!

While Santa read a story to the kids, we snapped some family photos and then cut the cakes for everyone! These cakes were so cute- they came from HEB (the local grocery store) and I just decorated the round one like a snow globe. Thank you Pinterest!

It was another big day in Abby's life... the first time her grandparents were all together! I am so grateful each of these people made the sacrifices they did to be here for the party. Staying out late, driving after dark, being with each other, spending gas money... they made her day even better!

This party was in my head for over a year and I'm so glad it came to life and we celebrated!

Happy Birthday Toodle-Lu! 

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