December 22, 2012

Abby's Christmas Program

Abby's Christmas program was last Wednesday night and this is what happened two minutes out of the house. Uh yea, this isn't going to go well!

So, we drove to Jimmy Johns and ate sandwiches in the car to try and extend her 2 minutes nap into about 20. Praying all the while is was a Daddy-style power nap and not a Momma-style marathon nap. We woke her in the parking lot and luckily after a few minutes, she was herself.

Her sweet little class recited their memory verse and then sang two songs. Abby did great with singing and hand motions. It is clear that she loves Ms. Patti her teacher.

The two older classes came in and joined her group for a few more songs and then they led us in We Wish You A Merry Christmas. Super sweet little program.

We are so impressed with her little preschool and love seeing her learn, grow, and perform with her friends.

We are off school for 2 weeks and have fun things planned including someone's 4th birthday!

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