December 19, 2012

Abby's School Party

This morning Abby's class had a Happy Birthday Jesus party in their jammies! It was fun to see them all interacting and celebrating!

They made reindeer hats, jingle bell necklaces, nativity scenes, exchanged books with each other, and sang Happy Birthday.

Abby was speedy on the crafts and I have a feeling it happens often! Once she was done, she put her trash away, got a book and laid on the rainbow carpet.

Once all the kids were done, they put their heads down to pray before breakfast.

Here was their sweet little plates- doughnut holes, fruit, and I brough bacon and egg muffins. Ms. Lisa is big on protein and made them all try them since they were the protein item on the plate! She also didn't allow extra doughnuts, only fruit!

I am so grateful I could see her this morning and celebrate freely our Savior's birth. I love her sweet little school, her friends, and her teachers. 

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