December 30, 2012

Abby's FOUR-tastic Birthday of Fun!

Since we had Abby's birthday party 3 weeks ago, we wanted to make sure and fill her actual birthday with fun! We had planned to go to Sea World on her birthday, but it was to be super cold that day, so we went the day before instead. Her birthday was pretty low key, but lots of FUN!

Nana made pancakes for breakfast and we put a candle in Abby's. She thought it was funny!

We had a small present for her to open- her own little Doc McStuffins doll. She loved it. She had been asking for a Doc doll for weeks and I finally found one at Target. We read online that Doc stuff was in much more demand than expected this year.

She also opened her first necklace, a gift from Grandpa and Jacque.

After breakfast, Abby went to storytime and then to the Y and Chick-fil-A with Daddy. She had a party at every stop! They sang to her at story time and the 2013 crown she made turned into a birthday crown. At lunch, they gave her a cow and cookies for her birthday!

After lunch, we took Abby bowling for the first time. She had so much fun and did really well. We went to Main Event and it knew when Abby was up to activate the bumpers. We also had a ramp she could roll the ball down.

 Nana got the only strike of the day, but...

Momma got the most points! Lots of spares!

Here is our full game final score. Embarrassing for Marcus and Nana! They were focused on technique and the floors were too slick!

We played one more little bit of a game before our hour was up.

We came home, rested, and had chili for dinner. Oh, and birthday cake for dessert.

You think she likes birthday cake? 

 Happy Birthday Toodles! 

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