December 18, 2012

Christmas Lights at Chinati Court

There is a street about 10 minutes from our house that goes ALL OUT on lights! They are a short street with a cul-de-sac and they all light up, collectively tell the story of Twas the Night Before Christmas, have sponsors, seating, etc. We drove it last year, but this year, we walked to it with our friends, The Smiastrlas.

We went to their house last night after dinner and Liesl had smores for the kids. Don't worry that it was almost 70 desgrees outside- we had the fire and the AC going!

The temperature dropped as the sun set and we "bundled" up to head out and see the lights. Andrew is Lilia's older brother and he is so kind. He plays with Abby and doesn't pester the girls. We love seeing them all!

Marcus and Liesl decided wine would help keep them warm as we walked. I jokingly grabbed the bottle for a picture- I drank my favorite iced tea all night.

Check out the lights- these houses were all amazing and so much fun for the kids to see!

This is at the entrance to Chinati Court... they rent a crane!

This particular deer caught out eye- someone had so fun assembling the deer.

We had lots of fun and I hope we started a new tradition!

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