December 06, 2012


The Christmas clothes are out! This sweet little smocked dress is getting it's third season of wear. I know smocked dresses are pricey, but they last! It is a size 24 months and was a dress in 2010, a tunic in 2011 and is a shirt this year.

We got a much needed haircut on Tuesday in preparation for our birthday party this weekend. She hasn't gotten a cut since the summer. We are growing her bangs out and the stylist thinks we will be all one length early next Spring. Exciting! I love her little blond God-given highlights.

Abby is currently obsessed with sleeping with her silver cross. It was a gift at one of my baby showers and Abby discovered it under her mattress where I had it when we moved her bed recently. She asked me why it was there and I explained it is for God to protect her while she sleeps. So, she know likes it on top where God can see it!

We pass a Sonic during half price happy hour on the way home from school 3 times per week. On Monday, I stopped and let her get a mini chocolate milkshake. It was her first milkshake and she loved it. I loved that it wasn't messy :)

Hope everyone is having a good week, too!

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