August 27, 2010

End of Summer Splashing

Who am I kidding? School may start this week, but the summer heat isn't leaving us anytime soon! So, we'll spend the end of summer cooling off in the water at the splash park!
This was Abby's first time and when we pulled up there was only one other family there and all the water was spraying. She got really excited and we thought this must be what splash day at school that she loves so much must be like.

Turns out she saw the swings nearby and that led to all of the excitement- ha! We calmed her down after refusing to go swing and then she had fun in the water. This is until this sprinkler came back on while she was standing on top of it!
We stayed in the water for about 30 minutes and she spent most of the time filling up this pail and her cup and then pouring them on us and laughing about how funny it was to get us wet!
She looks like such a big girl in these pictures and I just can't imagine how she'll look next summer when we come back. I know I'll think she is such a baby in these.
See you next year splash park!

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Tabriah said...

Oh, the splash park. It is too much fun! We went two days in a row a couple of weeks ago and Kiersten's been wanting to go everyday since.
She does look like a big girl and then next year you'll back and think what a baby she looks like. My hard drive went bad last week, so I've been spending a lot of time looking at my photos since quite a few them ended up being corrupt. :( Just from December, I think how young Kiersten looks and then when I watch the videos and hear her speaking, I just can't remember her not talking in complete sentences anymore...they change so fast.


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