August 26, 2010

Warning: Post about Poo :)

Do you see the proud look on this girl's face? It is because she used the potty 3 times this weekend! I know, at 19.5 months!
We have had the Boon Potty Training bench since before Abby was born. With the lid shut, it makes a seat for an adult during bath time. Lately, Abby has shown interest in the potty. She signs it for us, correctly answers when we ask if she went potty, and signs potty when we are changing her diaper. So, the past week after bath time, we've had her sit on her potty and read her favorite books. We gave her a piece of TP to "pat pat" afterward and made no big deal about it.
Friday night, she went pee. We were so excited- gave her hugs, high fives and lots of verbal affirmation. The kid loves to get a YEA out of us! Saturday morning, we had her sit on the potty and read books for about 10 minutes. I sat in there with her and listened to her babble. I asked her if she went potty and she said yes. So, we stood up to look at it and she had gone poo. I can't accurately describe the look on her face, but she was mortified and confused by the poo in the potty. It was hilarious! She sat back down and didn't want me to see it. I kept affirming her and went to have Marcus do the same, but she was either grossed out or thought she had done something wrong. It was really funny!
Marcus took her to story time at Barnes and Noble this weekend and we bought her a potty related book so we can start discussing it more. Her school said they will be ready when we are and thinks she will do it early. I never imagined it would all happen so quickly- she was just a newborn!


billye said...

Put her on the potty while you are filling up the tub, it works everytime!
Landry was potty trained at 23 months. You can do it!

Ms. W said...

We used the "Once Upon a Potty" book for Kyla. It was so cute... addressed poo and it was beautifully illustrated (as if that really matters!) Oh wait... the book was beautifully illustrated...not the poop! ;)

Tabriah said...

Very exciting!!!


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