August 29, 2010

New IKEA purchases

We went to IKEA last weekend and purchased a couple of new things for Abby's room. We were lucky to sell a few things from her room on Craigslist to help make room and money for our new purchases! She got 2 new hot pink chairs for her little table. We previously had small backless stools and she couldn't sit on them well. She likes her new chairs.
Her table is great for drawing, reading books, and looking at pictures of her friends. We have a couple new pictures to add to her board. She is able to point out her friend Madeline and her school friends on her board.
This is Abby's new dresser that replaces her smaller chest of drawers and changing table. I should have gone this route in the first place- it takes up less space, provides more useable storage and Abby had just gotten too long for her changing table. Either her head was pressed against the top or her legs were hanging off. I have new crystal knobs coming to make this more vintage/shabby chic looking!
God bless IKEA for inexpensive options!

1 comment:

Tabriah said...

Can I just say how impressed I am that she leaves all those pictures alone??? My kids would be ripping those righ off the wall and bending them in their sticky little do you do that?


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