August 12, 2010

New Shoes

I bought these shoes for Abby early in the summer and was so excited for her to wear them. She has worn the dickens out of them and they are now too small. I hate to see them go.The pink sequins on the toe are rubbed from her crawling days. These shoes have seen crawling, walking, and now running all over the playground. They are stinky and we said goodbye to them last night.Tomorrow, our new tennis shoes will arrive for the fall- size 5! I am excited her little feet are catching up! We can still wear a 3 in some shoes which is 6-12 months! Crazy!

Daddy is going to love her pink VANS!


~kristi said...

make sure you put them in her keepsake box and don't pass them on.

We are the Guerra's! said...

I know how you feel...there are a couple of pairs of shoes that I loved seeing Billa wear. We just bought her new shoes today and they are ridiculously awesome...size 8! They're the Twinkle Toes made by Skechers (like the ones you just got rid of) and I love them! You should maybe make a shadowbox of cute stuff Abby wore and hang it in her room or put them in her keepsake box like Kristi suggested!


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